At the heart of The Crafty Squire is Melbourne CBD’s only working microbrewery, also where we hand craft our special and seasonal beers. We like to think of the microbrewery as the gateway and our staff the gate keepers who can charm your evolution from conventional to the phenomena of the craft beer world.

We have brewed many award-winning beers, our celebrated originals include:

The Portland Pale Ale
The Highwayman Thrice Hopped Red Ale (The Brewhouse flagship beer)
The Craic Traditional Irish Stout
The Speculator Robust Hop Heavy American Pale Ale

But, we don’t stop there! We brew seasonal and limited edition beers throughout the year, inspired by all sorts of hoppiness wonder.


Why not enjoy one of our famous ‘Six beer tasting paddles’ with accompanying tasting notes – a must when visiting the Brewhouse for the first time. So grab your friends and pop on down to The Crafty Squire – you won’t be disappointed!

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