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Review: Boilermaker Class 15/02/2016

We recently entered the realm of the Boilermaker. What is a Boilermaker you ask? A Boilermaker consists of a glass of beer and a shot of Whisky to form a beer cocktail concoction that is sure to give you a kick! 

Our friends from The Plus Ones joined us for an interesting journey in pairing some of Scotland’s most famous single malt Whiskys with the ultimate chaser from James Squire.

"The event was held in the newly renovated top level of The Crafty Squire – the well-presented pub on Russell Street that serves many inventive James Squire brews straight from the brewery to the tap.  Set on a long table, each guest was greeted by a lineup of six glasses of single malt scotch, a map of Scotland with the sample whisky regions and brief flavour descriptions, as well as a booklet on all available James Squire brews. Tapas-style complementary food like cold cuts, pâté , and chocolate was also provided to match the drinks. Fred Siggins gave a brief description of each whisky and its unique historical and geographical origins and flavour profiles. James Squire general manager Joe Baily then served up freshly tapped beer to complement each scotch and give interesting insights into the brewing process as well as the different types of beer."

"The proposed matches were surprising. Rather than pairing similar flavours, Siggins and Baily convinced us that opposites attract. The most surprising combination was smoky scotch from Islay paired with an apple and pear cider."

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